Scientific Topics


1. Development of systems for receiving water from atmospheric air based on solar collectors and heat-using refrigeration machines and dual-use units (state registration number 0117u000365), MK 17/03
Heads of work – Titlov O.S.
Performers: Doroshenko O.V.,  Demyanenko Yu .
Ph.D. students: Kholodkov A.O.; Gozhelov D.P.; Mazurenko S.Yu.; Timofeev I.V.; Ozolin ME
Students: Maguaryan N.O.; Savinkov P.V.

2. Methods of the thermophysical experiment and the problems of heat and mass transfer in non-conventional energy, low-temperature installations, new thermal technologies
Heads of work – Boskova I.L.
Performers: Volgusheva N.V.; Khlyeva O.Ya.; Lukyanova O.S.; Heorgiiesh K.V.; Kolesnichenko N.O.; Potapov M.D.; Altman E.I., Solodka A.V.

3. Development of energy-saving cycles, schemes and design of power, refrigerating and cryogenic machines and apparatuses and determination of thermal physical properties of working bodies and processes of heat transfer
Heads of work – Titlov O.S.
Performers: Rozhentsev A.V.; Diachenko T.V.; Vasyliv O.B.; Lapardin M.I.; Tyukhai D.S.; Volchok V.O.

4. Development and research of heat-mass-exchange machines and thermal circuits for energy-technological systems of industrial production (energy, gas-transport transport systems, reloading complexes of bulk and bulk cargoes, complexes for oil and petroleum products and liquefied gas transhipment)
Heads of work – Titlov O.S. and Kologryvov M.M.
Performers: Diachenko T.V.; Buzovskyi V.V.; Sahala T.A.